Saturday, July 22, 2017


Hail to the heartbreaker, 
Standing tall. 
May you get all you consider your due. 
May the puppy you thrashed 
Bounce back biting you 
In the ass as you sit high on your wall 
Looking down, sad, smug smile on your face. 
Never imagining you’re the hard case. 
Never considering you’re a disgrace 
To your gender, 
Pumped as you are with such gall.

Truce and truth… 
Let the moment subside. 
Pry yourself from the crack 
Where you hide. 
Sample humility… swallow some pride… 
See what your stifled mem’ry recalls of 
A time you sat in opposing chairs, 
Totally baffled, unaware of 
The lead ball headed straight for your heart,
Leaving you desolate… 
                 And small.

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