Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Basic Evil 101

Born of serpents to the darkness. 
Raised in shadows, out of sight. 
Stalking stealthily the night
To prey on poor unfortunates. 

Creeping out from under rock just 
Far enough to test the air. 
Lashing out at those who dare to 
Cross your wayward slitherings.

Don your pretty plastic mask 
To hide the fire that otherwise 
Comes flashing forth from flaming eyes of 
Grand deception, burning lies.

Pity those who cannot see 
The heinous horror in your hate, who 
Shake in fear when it’s too late
To simply turn and run away.

Vigilance its own reward 
To spurn the serpent in his lair, 
Lock the door and keep him where 
His poison will not kill.

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