Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Hovering just out of reach, 
Sightless shroud of malcontent 
Waiting, lingering on the fringe 
Trying to look innocent.

Hoping to create some doubt, 
To find a crease into the mind, 
To wither any self-assurance,
Rip it, strip it from the vine.

Such a beast, jealous mistress, 
Such a greedy, seedy slut. 
Bastard of the first degree 
Plunging daggers in the gut.

Mixing potions with your poisons 
Stealthily distributing 
In lethal dose to unsuspecting hunted prey. 
You close your ring.

Silent gestures still the night, 
Fill each chamber with despair. 
Nations tremble, 
Kingdoms fall, 
As suspicion fills the air.

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