Sunday, July 23, 2017

Together for Never

We can’t seem to get together
In this helter-skelter mix.
Pathways never quite converge in 
Forest green or meadow bright. 
Often time it’s hill or mountain 
Blocking view, come between. 
Even when we find a tunnel 
Funneled miles without the light.

Seeking grand and righteous virtues 
You fly high above my brow, 
Teasing me to grab your wing, to 
Fly beside you on your quest.
But flying high above the crowd, 
Beyond the clouds, is not my cup. 
Grounded here on common soil,
I seek only happiness.

No doubt somewhere eons hence
Our kindred souls shall meet again. 
But for now we close our blissful eyes and
Dream what might have been.

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