Friday, July 07, 2017

It’s a Pleasure

We meet… 
And it’s a pleasure 
From a handshake to a hug, 
From an eye-induced embarkment
To a ladened bon voyage.

In a smile-embraced encounter
A melody in tune, 
Some soon to be nostalgia in 
A memory collage.

Defeat is not a measure 
To consider in our world. 
It’s a place reserved for others 
Who’ve forgotten how to win.

As we stand at the finish line 
And savor victory, 
We look toward another contest 
And remember where we’ve been.

And when the day is over 
And the music fades away, 
When angels call to glory
And our story starts anew,

I’ll write you one more love song 
As the light begins to dim 
To tell you one last time 
It was a pleasure loving you.

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