Thursday, July 20, 2017


Smothering clouds hold the sunlight at bay while 
The raven’s scream cuts deep in my soul. 
Spirit sinks low in a bottomless pit of despair 
Where no one can find their feet.

Drifting in aimless, directionless haze.
Shifting position, adjusting my gaze. 
Lift me please from this impossible maze. 
Sifting out options, however discreet.

Where is my mindset?
Far gone my passion. 
Blasted to pieces – a million and one. 
Washed up on beaches as 
Fodder to seabirds, 
Or left undiscovered to shrink in the heat.

Mind drained of any compassion, 
Weakened to sniffling, sniveling flesh. 
Yield to the travesty. 
Abandon logic. 
Embrace the comfort of utter defeat.

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