Monday, July 10, 2017

I Fear…

It’s not snakes or hour-glass spiders, 
Angry dogs with snarling fangs, 
No, not reckless breakneck speed 
Or deadly drops from desperate heights.

Not the threat of godless cons who 
Battle brave behind a gun 
Conscience bare of any shred of 
Civilized humanity.

Not wind or water, hail or blizzard, 
Nor any form of nature’s force, 
Though nature is a frightening bitch 
To be respected, if not feared.

Not the sound of cannon fire 
That rings a distant knell of death, or 
Storming troops in battered streets 
Killing anything that moves. 

Rising up in silence on a morning 
Fresh with golden sun, 
The thing that I fear most of all:
Waking without you.

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