Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Get a Grip

What is this fantasy I’m in? 
Could it be much more inane? 
To dicker here and dawdle there, 
To walk the boundaries of insane.

Must be in a sleepwalk state 
Mesmerized by candlelight 
Flickering. Bickering, 
Trying to decide what’s right.

Can’t be any tried and true 
Imaginings to lead the way. 
Left to falter, left to flounder, 
Left for yet another day.

Somewhere in this canyon deep
A river must flow out to sea.
Oh, to craft a simple raft to
Take me where I need to be.

Stripping out the colors until 
Flesh is bared in subtle tone. 
Reaching out to grab a limb…
Pulled into the safety zone.

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