Sunday, July 16, 2017

Too Damned Lazy

Left unfinished, 
         Left unstarted,  
                          Left for someone else to do. 
Right a wrong. 
        Write a letter. 
                Right wing. Left wing. Nothing new. 
Preaching, teaching, 
         Reaching forward. 
                 Backward, sideways. More delays.
                Bellicose to boast malaise. 
Don’t demure to 
         Sinful sloth, 
                 Sob and sigh for jobs undone. 
Do the deed to 
         Damn the doubters. 
                 Slam the slobs who shun the sun. 
Sit up. Get up 
         Off your ass. 
                 Although vision may be hazy. 
There’s no season, 
         There’s no reason left 
                 For being too damn lazy.

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