Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It Gets Better

Rent is due, funds are scarce and 
The landlord is a putz. 
Johnny’s failing all his classes. 
Suzie is a klutz.

Momma says she needs new shoes. 
Dad needs a new shirt. 
Both bemoan the plight that comes with 
Being poor as dirt.

Grandma called. She thinks that Grandpa 
Should be in a home. 
Can’t remember diddly-squat, 
His mind has turned to foam.

Bubba fell out of the truck; 
Broke an arm and leg. 
Won’t be working for a while.
At least he saved the keg.

Aunt Fannie’s getting married
For the twenty-second time. 
A slight exaggeration…. But 
It should be a crime. 

Maybe I’ll sit down tonight and 
Write the Lord a letter, 
Offer up a midnight prayer and 
Hope that it gets better.

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