Sunday, July 30, 2017

Half Way To…

Stuck here in the middle of 
The muddle as we 
Huddle just to cuddle in the 
Puddle with the subtlety of fish.

Kiss the weary wanderers who 
Happen by to ponder their 
Decision, growing fonder of 
A never-ending wish.

Look back over yesterday, 
The freakish fracas of dismay, 
The trifle trophies on display up 
High upon a shelf.

Welcoming the changing tide. 
Climb aboard the golden ride to 
Sail tomorrow’s other side 
Without a thought for self.

Come to center. 
Brave the winter months 
That lie in certainty. 
Join the throng in blissful song. 
Take me where I want to be.

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