Thursday, July 13, 2017

Let Me Out of Here

When did these four walls materialize? 
Could I have been so hard asleep 
I did not notice the carpenter’s hammer 
Banging and framing? Closing me in.

No door, no window, no staircase to climb. 
Nary a toehold to boost to the top 
So I might peek the other side to 
Spy my accuser, determine my sins.

Trapped in a prison, not knowing why or 
When or if I’ll deserve a reprieve. 
Silently praying, petitioning Heaven to 
Send down an angel to rescue my soul.

Wond’ring if anyone knows where I am, 
Cares that I’m gone and alone in my shame 
As darkness descends and I cry in anguish, 
Plead for deliverance from the cold.

Lost and alone. 
Bursting with fear. 
Will someone please 
Let me out of here?

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